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The best online guitar lessons site recently launched JamPlay For Bass Guitar. We spent two weeks playing through lessons, and now share our review of the new Jamplay For Bass Guitar review page.

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DR Yellow Neon Bass Guitar Strings

Option 5 FX Pedals, including the amazing Desination Rotation Single! For that great "Leslie" sound. So good, even Joe Walsh uses it!

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Month Description
January Read about Guitar Scales for beginners (an introduction), see if the Tru-Strobe Desktop tuner is a good choice for you, or over the top. You should also consider the feature packed Chordmaster CTM! Also, the announcement of Select Sounds LLC!
February No newsletter this month.
March A short note on the latest review of the Planet Waves Pedal Tuner and the launch of the What's Hot section to promote great offers from Select Sounds LLC
April Lean about the Planet Waves Dual Action Capo. A cool design with an low-pressure squeeze action.
May What if a string breaks repeatedly? What causes this, and is there anything you can to do fix it? Of course there is. Discover solutions to this frustrating problem in the May issue of The Bridge.


Month Description
January The Chord Wheel, and inexpensive product for learning related chords, writing songs, and learning scales.
February A review of Transcribe! software applications. A tool for learning a piece of music by giving you complete control over playback speed and pitch. Also provides looping, chord and note guessing, karaoke, and more.
March In addition to using a microphone for vocal performances, many guitarists also use one to get the output of their amplifier into a PA system. Since the worst component in any audio system is what limits the sound quality, you don't want a cheap mic.
April You might want a particular guitar, so you can sound exactly like your favorite artist. Unfortunately, it's just not that simple. To put it another way: you can buy a guitar, but you can't by a specific type of sound.
May Everyone needs a tuner, and most beginners need a chord dictionary. Learn about a new, affordable powerhouse of chords, with a built-in tuner.
June What is a cut capo and why would you use one?
July The Zoom H4 is a palm-sized multi-function stereo recorder For the guitarist, the H4 is packed with useful features...
August In the past I've struggled to keep enough moisture in my home and in my guitar case. Using a sponge-based humidifier is low-cost, but wetting the sponge daily, and controlling the level of humidity in the case, is, frankly, a real pain. Learn about a new solution...
September Learn about the redesign of the site, now in full swing.
October Our friends at Seventh String Software have posted two online tools that every beginning guitarist can use: a full-featured metronome, and the first online chromatic tuner that I know of. In addition, each of these tools are available for offline use, via download, at no charge.
November Read about the recent redesign, including details on newly released pages. Also, gift ideas for your favorite guitarist!
December Like everyone else, I scour the Internet for seek new tips, insights, and tools related to learning guitar. This month, I'll share a few more that I rely upon, or have found useful in understanding more about this great hobby.


Month Description
September The first ever issue of The Bridge tackles the ever-present problem of humidity and how it affects your guitar.
October Should you use coated strings? I do, and I explain why in this hands-on review.
November Christmas is approaching. Here are some gift ideas for your favorite guitarist!
December This year saw a lot of product reviews. Some made my "Best Of" list, and some didn't.




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