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The best online guitar lessons site recently launched JamPlay For Bass Guitar. We spent two weeks playing through lessons, and now share our review of the new Jamplay For Bass Guitar review page.

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Oct 22, 2013

Sometime By Gene Thomas

Sometime by Gene Thomas is a song originially released in 1961 on the Venus label. It is a great song for beginners to learn using only three chords and featuring a couple easy to play riffs. Read more...

Continue reading "Sometime By Gene Thomas"

Oct 22, 2013

Guitar TAB Guide

Music notation is best, but guitar TAB gets you started faster! Learn: How to read and write TAB, strengths and weaknesses, finding TAB online and why some sites are closing down, TAB Tools, more!

Continue reading "Guitar TAB Guide"

Jul 16, 2013

JamPlay For Bass Guitar

A Hands On Review Of Jamplay For Bass Guitar at

Continue reading "JamPlay For Bass Guitar"

Apr 03, 2013

Hands On Reviews

Who knows more: marketing trolls who invent fancy descriptors, or guitarists who pinch pennies so they can fulfill their GAS? If you agree with the guitarists, these Hands On Reviews are for you…

Continue reading "Hands On Reviews"

Jan 17, 2013

Bday gitar on my gosh

it is my 1st gitar..i bought it on my father was not agree.he ordered me to sale it or through it out..but my mother sport me..i was very

Continue reading "Bday gitar on my gosh"

Nov 16, 2012

Easy Guitar Tips

Struggling with guitar? These easy guitar tips will help you play a song even when you can't play all the chords, or struggle to change chords enough. Great for learning without frustration…

Continue reading "Easy Guitar Tips"

Nov 16, 2012

Teach Yourself Guitar

There are two different approaches to learning the guitar. The first involves paying for private lessons from a professional teacher. The other is to teach

Continue reading "Teach Yourself Guitar"

Nov 16, 2012

Guitar Lesson Options - Various Ways To Learn Guitar

There are many guitar lesson options available. Read about the most available, then select the one that is perfect for you!

Continue reading "Guitar Lesson Options - Various Ways To Learn Guitar"

Sep 24, 2012

Bb Substitution for Dm (example: Beatles "It's Only Love")

When I play the Beatles acoustic number It's Only Love in the key of C (not the original key but who cares?) I substitute Bb for Dm. B chords - even the

Continue reading "Bb Substitution for Dm (example: Beatles "It's Only Love")"

Sep 16, 2012

Making Your Own Music

Playing your favorite music is fun, but you can develop a stale copy and paste sound by playing other people's music all the time. Here's how I have

Continue reading "Making Your Own Music"

Jul 04, 2012

Guitar Beginner FAQ

This is not another guitar FAQ, it's a guitar beginner FAQ! Focused on the most frequently asked questions by beginners, with straight forward answers. Submit feedback or your own question!

Continue reading "Guitar Beginner FAQ"

May 17, 2012

How To Change Guitar Strings

If you don't know how to change guitar strings, now is the time to learn. It's not that difficult, but must be done correctly to avoid damage to your instrument. Read more…

Continue reading "How To Change Guitar Strings"

Feb 16, 2012

Mission Strings And Have No Spares? Practice Anyway!

Have you ever gotten lazy when you lose a string, and say hey, I can’t play my guitar anymore until I get strings, and then it just takes a long time before

Continue reading "Mission Strings And Have No Spares? Practice Anyway!"

Oct 04, 2011

Play Air Guitar When Needed

When you mess up (which is normal) and you don't know were your at just pretend to play. This tip works really well when you're playing in front of

Continue reading "Play Air Guitar When Needed"

Sep 27, 2011

Link To

Link to

Continue reading "Link To"

Sep 27, 2011

Guitar Links

You might stumble across these guitar links and products, but why bother hunting? Here are all my favorites in one organized collection! You might stumble across these links and products, but why bother hunting? Here are all my favorite guitar links in one organized collection!

Continue reading "Guitar Links"

Sep 24, 2011

Can Guitar Hero Teach You To Play Guitar?

Can Guitar Hero II actually help you learn to play guitar? Perhaps. Read more here… Can Guitar Hero II actually help you learn to play guitar? Perhaps. Read more here...

Continue reading "Can Guitar Hero Teach You To Play Guitar?"

Aug 03, 2011

Common Guitar Chords

Play hundreds of songs with these common guitar chords. Easy to learn chord chart, descriptions, and tips.

Continue reading "Common Guitar Chords"

Jul 27, 2011

Acoustic Guitar Guide

An Acoustic Guitar Guide... Understand and select the perfect size and style for you.

Continue reading "Acoustic Guitar Guide"

Jul 05, 2011

Easy Eleanor Rigby for Guitar

Here's an easy eleanor Rigby version for fellow Beatles fans. Only two chords, but we'll also learn a few fretboard notes and move those fingers!

Continue reading "Easy Eleanor Rigby for Guitar"



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