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Easy Songs


This collection of easy songs were selected for their use of only a few of the most common chords. If you learn the most common open chords, you should be able to play any of these songs.

These are not chord and lyric transcriptions of popular songs, the songs we use are extracts only, but they include tips and lesson instructions that teach while you play.


"Ain't That A Shame" is familiar to most people. This easy song is a learn three-chord version that also teaches you how to use uses a pivot finger to quickly move from one chord to another.


It's Christmas: shopping centers are crowded... people are trying to finish up projects before heading out for vacation... and your spouse just asked if you'd play a few Christmas songs on that guitar you spent all that money on... Don't fret! Take a look at the three chord version of "Away In A Manger." You'll learn a familiar Christmas song, and as an added bonus we cover the concepts of Intro, Outro, Verse, Bridge, and Chorus.


Ready for a two-chord version of a classic Beatles song? Try this version of "Eleanor Rigby." Start with the two-chord easy song version, then add in a descending bass line to enrich the chorus while learning a few fretboard notes.


"God of Wonders" is a great song to learn for it's interesting rhythm patterns and useful chord variations. This lesson includes three original videos, plus links to two other videos you may find useful.


Here's an easy song everybody knows and needs to have in their arsenal... "Happy Birthday!" Music notation, chord diagrams, lyrics and TAB are all included.


Another popular Christmas tune is "Silent Night". This version uses only three chords. One is the F-Major chord, which beginners often struggle to play. So, I'll show you four alternatives. As you work on the standard form of F-Major, you'll certainly discover that one of these options is easier for you to play.


"Sometime" by Gene Thomas is a song originially released in 1961 on the Venus label. It is a great song for beginners to learn using only three chords and featuring a couple easy to play riffs. Read more...




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