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Guidelines for Contributing

To is all about teaching, learning and sharing. These guidelines for contributing will explain how you can help other beginners.

As I write articles to help others, I'm also learning. I learn from the research, I learn from trying new things, I learn from writing and playing music. It's very rewarding.

Are you interested in helping others? Would you like to share some of the tips and insights you've learned the hard way? You'll help others and if you're like me, you'll improve your own understanding and playing while doing so.

These guidelines for contributing cover three ways for you to contribute: submit articles to (see below); submit ideas, comments, and other feedback for me to put in the 'to-do' pile (click here) which may lead to an article; or you might even want to start your very own web site (read more here).

If you decide to contribute an article the only compensation I offer is the experience you'll have, and a by-line. I plan to keep a totally free site for our visitors, so there is no monetary compensation for articles or ideas submitted or published in any form.

Still interested? I hope the remaining guidelines for contributing will answer any questions you have.


The Most Important Things

  1. Articles should be geared toward beginners, and should explain things in ways that non-players or new players can understand.
  2. I have the final say on what get's posted, the form and content of any posting, and when articles are removed.
  3. I reserve the right to repackage or reuse any content on for other articles or projects.
  4. There is no financial compensation of any kind for submitting articles, ideas, comments, etc. regardless of how those articles, ideas, comments, etc. are later used by me.
  5. These guidelines for contributing are subject to change without notice.


Eligibility and Guidelines

  1. Any article submitted must be your own original work.
  2. Articles should ideally fit one of the categories used on the web-site (see the left side-bar).
  3. No spam, pornography or objectionable material is allowed. No URL's which point to spam, pornography, or objectionable material is allowed. I reserve the right to determine what is considered spam, pornography, or objectionable material.


Steps For Submission

  1. Send an e-mail with a short description of your article using the Contact Me page. You must include a valid e-mail address for me to reach you. You may also include a short introduction of yourself and comments on where you think the article fits on the site.
  2. I'll reply to let you know if you should submit a draft of the article. Articles may be rejected for a wide variety of reasons, such as: another article is already in progress; a similar article is already posted; the material is inappropriate for the site. I may also ask if you've read these guidelines for contributing.
  3. Once a draft is submitted, I may ask for (or recommend) modifications, or determine that the article is not worth pursuing.
  4. An article that has completed the review and modification step is likely to be posted online, though I may make additional changes. I will include a by-line with the article identifying the author, unless you request your name be withheld. You can provide a brief "About The Author" write-up, which also must be approved by me. The About The Author write-up may include one hyperlink, and either a photograph of the author or an avatar.


Technical Details

  1. Images must be kept as compact as possible to keep page load times fast. One great site for compressing images is Take a look at their "on your own" options for maximum control.
  2. While we're on the subject of images, no image can be wider than 500 pixels. More small images are better than fewer large images.
  3. You must own the rights to any image submitted with your article, and the image must be provided for upload to my server (i.e., no links to images on other sites).
  4. You may submit your article as simple text, or as an HTML file. I have final say over fonts, font sizes, colors, emphasis, layout, etc. Use only simple formatting or tables in your code. No frames are allowed. Use CSS sparingly, or not at all.


And Finally...

I reserve the right to modify or rescind this offer at any time. I also reserve the right to remove any article posted at any time for any reason. Submission of an idea or article represents your agreement with these guidelines for contributing.




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