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The best online guitar lessons site recently launched JamPlay For Bass Guitar. We spent two weeks playing through lessons, and now share our review of the new Jamplay For Bass Guitar review page.

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Site Map For


A site map is like an index page in a traditional book. It helps you (and me) find any page without searching page after page.

As the site grows its become increasingly difficult to remember where I put all these pages. I've grouped the pages by topic. You can browse the page, or jump to any topic by clicking on it's name in the table below:

Accessories · Amplifiers & Tubes · Chords · Contact Me

Easy Songs · Glossary, Terms, Names · Hands On Reviews

Lessons · Maintenance · Music & Chord Theory

Newsletter · Practicing · Recording Guitar

Selecting and Buying a Guitar · Search · Tuning


Accessories Guide - Recommended "must have" accessories and nice-to-have's. Links to lots of detailed information.

Audio Trainers - Plug in your guitar, slide in a disc, control song speed, pitch, effects, more.

Cables Guide - Learn the difference between XLR, TRS and RCA ends, how to select a quality cable, more.

Capo Guide - All about guitar capo's: selecting & using...

Case Guide - How to select a great case that fits and protects your guitar.

Humidifier Guide - It's inexpensive and easy to maintain proper moisture, protecting your investment.

Metronomes - Metronomes are an essential tool that force you to keep up and keep a steady beat. It's the next best thing to playing along with others.

Music Stands Guide - An essential accessory, but which to choose? Make an informed decision.

Picks - All about guitar picks: materials used to make them, the wide variety of shapes, thickness codes and colors, and odd types of guitar picks.

Stands Guide - Select the right stand to hold your guitar when you need to put it down.

Strings Buying Guide - All about strings, the most important accessory.

Tuners Guide - You'll probably buy more than one, so spend a little time learning about various guitar tuners.


Amplifiers & Tubes

Amplifier Tubes Explained - How tubes (valves) work, care & maintenance of tube amplifiers.

Amplifier Guide - Learn all about amplifiers. Make an informed purchase decision.



All About Guitar Chords - The landing page to learn all about chords.

Common Guitar Chords - The best place to start if you're learning your first chords.


Contact Me

Contact Me - Comment? Question? Suggestion? Send me e-mail.

Contribute To - Contribute feedback, comments, or articles of your own!

Link To - If you have a web-site and would like to link to, take a look at my guidelines and recommended text and graphic links.

Redesign Explanation (November 2007) - Learn the reasons behind the new design of and the key changes.


Easy Songs

My collection of Easy Songs includes a quick discussion of common chords and descriptions of each song posted.


Ain't That A Shame - An easy to play three chord version of the song made popular by Cheap Trick.

Away In A Manger - A three chord Christmas song, plus instruction in common song transitions: Verse, Chorus, Intro, Outro, Bridge.

Eleanor Rigby - Only two chords, plus a moving bass line.

God of Wonders - This popular praise and worship song is easier to play than it sounds. In fact, the intro and verse are played by moving only two fingers! Our music notation, lyrics, and three original videos make learning this one a breeze.

Happy Birthday - Music notation, chord diagrams, lyrics and TAB are all included for this essential song that everyone knows.

Silent Night - This traditional Christmas tune uses only three chords. One is the F-Major chord, which beginners often struggle to play. So, I'll show you four alternatives that should allow you to quickly master this song.


Glossary, Terms, Names

Guitar Beginner FAQ - Questions and answers to frequently asked questions from beginner guitarists.

Guitar Fretboard - Learn the guitar fretboard layout, string names, note names, intervals, and more.

Guitar Glossary - An illustrated guide to guitar parts and terms.

String Names - Learn the names of the strings. It's the first step to learning chords and the fretboard.


Hands On Reviews

Sure the marketing hype sounds good, but there's nothing like Hands On Reviews to discover the truth about a product.


BOSS DR-880 by Roland - Ready to jam, but have no drummer (or bass guitar player)? Fear not, the DR-880 may be the perfect solution. Read this Hands On Review to find out.

Custom Guitar Picks from Clayton - If you need a unique gift, an eye-catching promotional item, or just want everyone to know your picks from everyone else's, a custom guitar pick is the solution.

Chordmaster * Tuner * Metronome from Planet Waves - The Planet Waves Chordmaster Tuner Metronome (PW-CTM) is the follow-on to their very popular pocket chord dictionary (the original Chordmaster). Is it worth the upgrade? Find out in this Hands On Review...

The Chord Wheel - This inexpensive, easy-to-use booklet quickly shows related chords, transpositions, and scales. Useful for learning a song, learning scales, or writing music.

Circuit Breaker Cable from Planet Waves - Planet Waves' Circuit Breaker cable has a built-in mute switch to save your equipment from loud pops and squeals when you change guitars with a live equipment. Nice, but how is it in use? This Hands On Review answers that question.

Guitar Hero - Can the video game Guitar Hero actually help you learn to play guitar? Perhaps. Read more here.

Guitar Kickstand - Remember how easy it was to push down the kickstand to park your bike? The Guitar Kickstand is similar. A perfect solution for quickly, easily, and safely putting your guitar down.

Planet Waves Pedal Tuner - A comprehensive review of the Planet Waves Sweep/Strobe Pedal Tuner (PW-CT-04), including tips on use and details of connections, plus more...

Tru Strobe Tuner - The Tru Strobe Tuner is one of the most accurate and easy to use table-top tuners on the market. Is it right for you? How well does it perform? Find out this and more in our Hands On Review.

Zoom H4 - The Zoom H4 is a palm-sized multifunction stereo recorder packed with useful features for the guitarist. For what you get, it's a very affordable package. Read about the key features, including how to play-along with a sound file for the ultimate practice experience...



Easy Guitar Playing Tips - You can play open chords, maybe even a few barre chords... but playing them fast enough to keep up during a song can be a challenge. These simple tips, used more than you would believe, will have you playing along with songs you thought were too tough or too fast!

First Steps - Your first steps with a new guitar may make the difference between years of enjoyment and a fast road to frustration. Learn the key first steps to learning and enjoying your new guitar.

Guitar Scales (Intro) - "Who needs 'em?" says one. "No, you MUST know them!" says another. Both are accomplished guitarists or trusted sources. Which to believe? The latest article on Guitar Scales helps sort through all the noise and point you in the best direction for YOU.

Lesson Options - Learn about the many ways to learn guitar. Find recommendations and links to useful sites.

Major Scales - Learn to play major scales on guitar.

Minor Scales - Learn to play minor scales on guitar.

Palm Muting - Learn this essential skill for all guitar players.

Prepare To Play - Avoid bad habits by learning correct techniques for holding the pick, standing with the guitar, sitting, and more.

Read Music - It's how one musician communicates with another: TAB, Chord Charts, Music Notation, Nashville Numbering System.

Scale Theory - An introduction to scales, including: understanding whole-steps, half-steps, chromatic scales, tetrachords, and scale construction.

Smooth Chord Changes - Practical tips to smoothly change from one chord to another.

Guitar TAB Guide - Music notation is best, but guitar TAB gets you started faster! Learn: How to read and write TAB, strengths and weaknesses, finding TAB online and why some sites are closing down, TAB Tools, more!



Links - Best of the best other sites related to guitars, guitar products, and lessons.

Successful Web Business - Everyone is an expert at something. Use this knowledge to build a successful web business!



Change Guitar Strings - Why and how to change strings: with video and useful tips.

Guitar Maintenance - Tips and on how to take care of your instrument.


Music & Chord Theory

Basic Chord Theory - What a chord is, how they're constructed, and how to construct any chord.

Basic Music Theory - Learn about tempo, pitch, note duration, the grand staff... more!



Newsletter Subscription - Subscribe to "The Bridge" for monthly tips, updates and more.

Read Back Issues - I archive each issue of my newsletter along with a summary of the issue for easy browsing.



Practice Advice - Straight-forward advice on preparing, warming up, and avoiding discouragement.

Practice Motivation - Tips to stay motivated, and keep improving.

Preventing Guitar Related Injuries - Learn about preventing guitar related injuries caused by strain, overuse, lack of warm-up, and more. Includes practical tips on effective breaks.


Recording Guitar

Recording Guitar - The advantages of recording guitar to your computer are numerous: hear yourself & your guitar clearly, share with others, track your progress, play along with your favorite songs, and much more!


Selecting and Buying a Guitar

Acoustic Or Electric? - Understand the key questions and considerations for choosing the perfect guitar for you.

Acoustic Guitar Guide - Learn about acoustic guitar styles/sizes and which is best for you.

Electric Guitar Guide - All about electric guitars: pickups, types, tone controls, other purchase considerations.

Guitar Buying Guide - Tips to get the very best deal.



Search - Search or the Web. It's fast and easy.



Tuning Your Guitar - A variety of tuning methods exist, learn about the best.

Alternative Tuning Methods - Techniques to get in tune with your bandmates when you don't have a chromatic tuner around.




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