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Custom Picks For Guitar

Clayton Delivers A Variety of Custom Picks


Solve gift-giving dilemma's and add to your persona with custom picks.

One problem at Christmastime is trying to find a gift that will mean something to the recipient and be useful. Cost can also be a factor, of course.

What could I get for my guitar instructor that would be useful, that he'd enjoy, and wouldn't cost an arm and a leg? He gave me the answer one day as our lesson was about to begin. I forgot to grab a pick as I unpacked. Thinking nothing of it, when he and I settled in to the lesson room, I looked around for a pick, knowing there must be several lying around.

Finding none, I asked my teacher if he had a pick handy. "Not really. I never seem to have one around!"

Just what he needs for Christmas! But could I do more than hand him a package of picks?

From working on my website,, I knew that custom guitar picks were available, so I decided to see what's involved. I checked a few sites and settled on Clayton offers a number of custom picks in a variety of materials, widths, colors, and they can imprint custom graphics. Most surprising to me, they produce and deliver your picks in under two weeks, even during the holiday season.

Their web-site walks you through the selection of material, color, and thickness. You can upload graphics, even resizing or rotating the graphic for just the right fit. Select the number of picks you want, provide billing information, and less than two weeks later they appear in your mailbox!

I am very satisfied with the quality and cost of the picks I gave. I'll probably order a set for myself.

If you decide to order custom picks from, here are a few tips:

  1. Read the pop-up help, but then turn it off. The process is straight forward and the pop-ups eventually get in the way.
  2. Click on each material type (across the top of the page) first to read about and decide upon the material you want.
  3. Some pick materials/colors allow printing color graphics, others are black only. Some allow graphics on both sides, some do not.
  4. Create your graphic off-line before starting the actual order process. They don't tell you, but I found that using a graphic sized at about 120 pixels wide by 140 pixels high was just about perfect. You can only upload JPEG files.
  5. The web-site lets you create a lettering, if you want only text.
  6. You can save your design for later, but I found this required that I close the web-page and open a new window to work properly.
  7. Make sure you select the right count and options before you press the "Order" button.


Here's the pick I ordered in December 2006:

Clayton Customized Guitar Pick
Clayton Custom Guitar Picks





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