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Guitar Accessories

Must Have's and Nice to Have's


There are a tremendous number and variety of guitar accessories available. Some are required to play the instrument, some make it easier to play, and some just make it a lot more fun!

This page helps you sort them all out.

First is my recommended set of Must-Have accessories. I hope you seriously consider purchasing at least a few of these. Why? They make it easier to learn, they make it more fun to play, or you need them to properly maintain your instrument.

After that I describe many other great guitar accessories. You may need one or more now... you may want to add a few to your wish list... or you might just want to understand what they are.

Both lists are in alphabetical order for browsing easy. Read the description, then click on the link for more information or a detailed listing of each accessory.



Must Have Guitar Accessories

Must have? Really? Well, you can play your guitar without any of these. But, you will enjoy the learning experience and playing much more if you purchase a few of these guitar accessories, and find ways to use them.


An amplifier of some type is required for an electric guitar. Acoustic players should consider one as their skill improves. An inexpensive amp allows you to fill a small room with sound as a solo act, or monitor yourself if you're lucky enough to play in an ensemble.
Audio Trainer
Wouldn't it be easier to play your favorite song if you could just slow it down, or change the key so that high notes aren't too high and the chord progression was easier? Well, you can! If you have a CD Player/Controller. Adding to your enjoyment, some even include a tuner and special effects.
Alesis Guitar Playmate
When you purchase an amplifier, or join a band, you need to connect your guitar to the sound system. The standard way to do this is with cables. Buy high-quality cables to avoid introducing hiss or pops.
Guitar Cable
Change key or simplify your chord pattern with a capo. Don't even hesitate to purchase one or two of these guitar accessories!
Kaiser Guitar Capo
You will need to store, move, and protect your guitar. A case is the best way to do each. While I strongly recommend a hard case, a soft case is better than none. Plus, you can store your other guitar accessories inside!
Guitar Hard Case
Guitar Stand
You're ready to practice... the guitar is out of it's case and over your shoulder... and the dog needs to go out. What to do with your guitar? Do not lay it down or lean it up against the sofa... it's an accident waiting to happen! Instead, rest it comfortably and securely in a high quality guitar stand.
Guitar Stand
Combine wood, glue, lots of pressure from strings, and widely varying humidity and you have a recipe for disaster! Guitars, like you, are comfortable within a certain range of humidity levels. A humidifier allows you to keep your instrument happy. Luckily, some of the most effective are also very low in price.
Guitar Dampit Humidifier
Music Stand
Sure you'll eventually memorize your favorite songs. Eventually. In the meantime having your music, your fake sheet, or your lesson material at eye level makes practice time much easier and more enjoyable.
Music Stand
In addition to the standard triangular-shaped pick most people are familiar with, you can find finger picks, thumb picks, picks embedded with cork, picks molded for the thumb-pad, picks with holes, ridges, slots and picks made out of old guitar strings at mostly low prices. Purchase a wide variety of shapes, sizes, thicknesses and types. Try them out, then decide upon the two or three you like best.
Guitar Picks Flower
Pocket Effects Processor
The fastest growing guitar accessories item seems to be the pocket effects processor. These cool devices allow you to plug in your guitar, and play along with a wide variety of effects, a metronome, and more. Some include recording and playback capabilities, drum tracks, and much more.
Line 6 Pocket POD
Whether you want a strap purely for function, or you want to add some style to your look, there is a strap for you. Spend more for this guitar accessory to get quality for comfort, appearance, ease of adjusting, and security.
Guitar Straps
Other than your guitar, the type of strings you use affects your sound more than anything else. Try a few different sets, then get enough of your favorite so you always have spares on hand. Not only do they break, but they wear out.
Elixir Guitar Strings
You absolutely must tune-up before every practice, before every lesson, before any performance... and the easiest way to do so is with a chromatic digital tuner. You can find tuners with additional features, like humidity gauges and metronomes, or convenient foot pedal tuners to make tuning during a gig a snap.
Korg CA-30 Guitar Tuner
Winder/Peg Puller
Anything is easier if you have the right tool. And when you're changing strings, a string winder is the tool to have! These handy devices make it easy to quickly unwind string. Get the old one's off, and to tighten new ones fast! Some even have a built-in wire cutter, a peg puller, or a removable winder to speed up the job with a drill.
Drill Guitar String Winder



Nice to have Guitar Accessories...

...and Great Gift Ideas

You may not want or need any of these immediately... some of these guitar accessories might be exactly what you need to better prepare, maintain your instrument, make practice more meaningful, give you an edge during an on-stage performance, or help you have more fun! Any one of them makes a great gift for that friend or family member who can (believe me) never have enough guitar accessories.


Chord Computer
Internet and poster chord charts are great... until you're not near a computer, or have to remember how to form an A chord at the 5th fret. A chord computer can show you chords for standard or alternate tuning, scales, alternate chords, or how to transpose chords to another key.
Guitar Chord Computer
Drum Machines
Metronomes provide a steady beat. Drum machines provide a steady beat that makes you want to play! All allow you to set the beats-per-minute, and most allow you to select a style of play: rock, country, ballad, jazz, and more. Some allow you to program your own beat or use built-in guitar effects and other sound simulations.
Boss DR-880 Drum Machine
Effects Boxes
Effects Processors, Mixers, Midi Interfaces, Samplers, Groove Boxes... whatever the name or form factor, each provides unique tools for the guitarist looking for a unique sound.
Effects Pedals
Pedals are compact powerhouses for modifying sound. There are hundreds of sounds effects available... some create multiple types of sound. Most can be chained together and used individually or in combination. Some use a simple push-button switch, others use a foot pedal to vary the effect. The variety is nearly endless!
Guitar Effects Pedals
When you practice you should get in the habit of holding the guitar that same way, every time. Your hands and fingers will learn where the frets and strings are much faster if you do. To make this easier when you sit down, use a footstool.
Guitar Footstool
Gear Bag
Sometimes called a Gig Bag, they allow you to carry all those items you really need to have when a problem occurs, but can't carry in your guitar case. I carry one with: picks, cables, spare strap, batteries, strings, wire cutter, screwdriver, tremolo bar, string winder, and more. Some gear bags also have a side pocket for a notebook plus pockets for microphones, a cell phone, more.
Guitar Gig Bag
Guitar Polish
You gotta look good. Keep your axe looking sharp... unless, of course, you're into grunge. ;-)
Guitar Polish Kit
Guitar accessories that fit you to a "T". Hey, you took that time to learn how to play the instrument, now let everyone know what you did with all your spare time.
Guitar Hat

Hygrometer (Humidity Gauge)
To control the humidity level, you need to know what it is.
Guitar Hygrometer
If you've got a little extra cash, let people know you've been practicing with a little flash... a jacket will do the trick!
Guitar Jacket
Dull? Usually. Essential? Yes. Luckily they're inexpensive. Today's full featured electronic metronomes can handle any speed or time signature you throw at them. Some even include simple drum machines to add some fun to your perfectly synchronized practice session.
Boss Metronome
Music Stand Accessories
Once you have a music stand you'll need a pencil tray or holder, maybe a cup holder, maybe a light or clamps for the stuff you don't want to chase down all the time.
Music Stand Light
Notation Software
Someone hands you a fake sheet and you figure out the solo... the sheet music you find has too many instruments - all you need is the guitar part... you need to change keys... you decide to write your first hit song... all of these mean it's time you purchased software to make music notation easy.
Music Software
Don't just put all your music, notes, lesson assignments, fake sheets, more... into piles, get a spiral notebook and get some order to your guitar files. Piles are for school and office notes, not the important stuff!
Pill Boxes
In addition to keeping your prescription meds organized, pill boxes make a great guitar accessory for keeping track of various size picks, screws, extra pegs, and more.

Sheet Music
If a song was popular, someone has taken the time to write it down. Get all of your favorite songs in convenient sheet music or music books.
Guitar Sheet Music Books
Slides, used to glide up and down the fretboard, come in many colors, styles and materials. They're inexpensive and fun to try. Enjoy these inexpensive guitar accessories!
Guitar Slide
Strap Locks
The last thing you want to happen on stage is for your guitar to slip loose from the strap and crash to the floor. In fact, it's probably the last thing you want to happen anytime you're standing with your instrument. Strap locks can prevent this mishap. It's also another inexpensive guitar accessory.
Guitar Strap Locks
You can never have enough t-shirts, especially when they allow you to proudly display your favorite guitar.
Guitar T-Shirt
Tackle Box
Yes, believe it or not, a tackle box is a great guitar accessory. Why? All those compartments allow you to store extra strings, picks, cleaning cloth's, string winders, tuners, and much more.
Theory Books
The best guitarists are those who understand the instrument AND the music. Why is a C-chord made up of C-E-G? What notes are in the D-scale? What's an arpeggio, or a minor chord? What are all those words and marks on sheet music? Learn all this and much more with a few good theory books.
Guitar Theory Books
Wireless Connections
If you get tired of dragging cords, finding cords, pulling cords, stepping on cords... why not get rid of them? Wireless connections provide convenience and great sound.
Wireless Guitar Systems




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