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The best online guitar lessons site recently launched JamPlay For Bass Guitar. We spent two weeks playing through lessons, and now share our review of the new Jamplay For Bass Guitar review page.

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Why Redesign


Deciding to redesign the site, along with all the rewriting, reformatting, and decisions that go along with such an undertaking, was not something I did on the spur of the moment.

The redesign to update the layout of the site was driven by two key factors: improving the user's ability to find information; and, to provide me with a set of templates that provide more flexibility for text, images, and links.

Regular visitors will notice that my logos are the same, so the guitarist in the left sidebar remains with us as does the original start-playing-guitar logo at the top of each page. However, our home page question mark and smiling guitar have taken a vacation.

I've also kept most of the articles, though every one was reviewed, checked for spelling mistakes, and many were updated: usually resulting in text updates, and occasionally with new or revised graphics for clarity or faster page-loads.


What's Different?

A quick glance is all that's necessary to see the really big differences: an entirely new site navigation bar (along the left side of this page) and an all-new information bar on the right side of the page.

Most articles are now grouped by topic: Guitar Shopper, Absolute Beginner, Developing Player, etc. I believe you will find it easier to locate information that's appropriate to your needs, and that you will get a sense of progress as you move from one set of articles to the next.

The new layout has also helped me see where additional information is needed, so I've got a new list of pages for future development.


Wait, There's Room For You Too!

In addition, I'm opening up the opportunity for YOU to contribute to If you'd like to share some of your knowledge or give other guitarists the benefit of your own hands-on reviews, take a look at the new contribution guidelines. We don't pay well (we don't pay at all) but you'll help others who share your passion!




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