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The Amazing Guitar Kickstand


The Guitar Kickstand
The Guitar Kickstand

The Kickstand (from Sound Innovations) is sure to bring a smile to your face. It's clever, easy to install, simple to use, and draws quizzical looks from friends when your guitar stands up by itself.


Installation is simple. Unscrew the lower strap button and screw on the Guitar Kickstand. That's it.


The Kickstand folds flat against the body of your guitar for play. You'll hardly even notice it. When you're done, pull the stand away from the body. As you lower the guitar to the floor, the retaining wire catches on the base and it rests securely. When you're ready to play, fold the retaining wire and the base back against the base until it snaps in place, and rock on!

Guitar Kickstand Installed
Guitar Kickstand Installed and Open

It's extremely lightweight, includes an extra long screw (just in case you need it, I didn't), comes in a variety of colors, and should not scratch your guitar. As a bonus, you no longer have to worry about belt buckles scratching the back of your favorite guitar.


Folded Kickstand
Guitar Kickstand Installed and Folded

After using the Kickstand for about a month, at home and on stage, it seems to perform exactly as advertised. Would I change anything? Sure. I'd improve the instructions to make it clear that when you install the kickstand you need to ensure it still has room to click. I'd also see if a vinyl coating might soften up the retaining wire. I've never seen a scratch, but some may wish to see additional protection.



Rather than spend money on another stand, or give yourself one more thing to carry, I recommend you pick up a Kickstand. The Kickstand is for about $30. Though it seems designed to fit any electric, their web-site has a list of compatible guitar models.




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