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Start-Playing Guitar's: The Bridge, Issue #001 -- Don't Crack Up!
September 30, 2006
Notes From Steve:
Welcome to the very first issue of The Bridge, the newsletter of!

I plan to use the newsletter to keep you informed of changes to the web-site, articles under development, and timely tips.

What's In A Name?
Why call the newsletter The Bridge? Frankly, it was tough trying to come up with a name that related to playing guitar that wasn't a bit silly. Other names that came up for consideration were: Fret Less (don't worry), Guitar Picks (get it? top pick, guitar picks? never mind!), and In-Tune.

Each seemed a bit silly after a few minutes.

So, why The Bridge? It symbolizes several concepts that I hope to achieve with the material on

A bridge takes you someplace you want to go, such as, the beach.

A bridge holds up your strings on the body of the guitar.

The bridge in a song connects the beginning verses and chorus to the big finish. James brown would often seem to be ending a song, then shout to his band mates, "Take me to the bridge!" and go back into the start of the big finish! Quite a showman!

I hope that The Bridge, and the web-site, help you move from a non-player to a guitarist who can sit and play their favorite songs, or sit in with friends to play for enjoyment.

Both of us have a long way to go... so let's get started!

Work In Progress:
Coming soon to the web-site!

Articles for the beginner guitarist on topics such as:
  • Proper Mechanics - sitting, standing, hand position, holding the pick, more!
  • Playing your first scale, and why scales are important.
  • Warm-up exercises.

Also: More information on guitar accessories.

Hot Topic: Don't Crack Up!
As the weather turns colder around here (in North America) it's time to ensure that your guitar is protected from changes in the environment.

Cold weather usually means dry air. Dry air (low humidity) may create real problems for you and your guitar.

Dry air can cause cracks or discoloration in the finish of your guitar, might cause cracks in the wood, bend the neck (creating problems with tuning and rapid deterioration of your strings), and more.

Protect your investment by knowing the humidity level where you store your guitar and using by a humidifier when the relative humidity drops below 47%. Use a hygrometer to measure the humidity in your home or guitar case.

Read more about this topic, and how to protect your investment, on the Guitar Humidifier Guide page.

For more tips on keeping your instrument as good as new, see the Guitar Maintenance page.

Thanks for reading our first issue of The Bridge!

Comments, questions? Contact Me!.

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