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Start Playing Guitar's 'The Bridge', Vol 3, # - An Easy Squeeze
May 08, 2008's 'The Bridge'

Volume 3, Issue 4: An Easy Squeeze

New Content on

Fine Tuning...

I've made several corrections and minor updates to the site recently. For example, I corrected a statement on the minor scales page. Many thanks to all of the eagle eyed readers who contact me to ask questions and point out mistakes!

I've also added a few new sites to the Guitar Links page. The Internet is constantly growing and changing. As new worthwhile sites appear, they may earn a spot on my links page.

Circuit Breaker Cables

Planet Waves' Circuit Breaker cable has a built-in mute switch to save your equipment from loud pops and squeals when you change guitars with a live equipment. Nice, but how is it in use? The new Hands On Review answers that question.

Work In Progress:

Coming soon to the web-site!

I'm still working on a review of Guitar Pro 5 as time permits. If you subscribe to our RSS feed (see below), you'll get notification when it's posted, otherwise, keep watching this space!

SIDEBAR: Keep up to date with all the changes by subscribing to our RSS feed (click to open a window of help and subscription instructions). It will keep you up to date with new pages and other special announcements. I will not overload you with every grammar-fix, new image, or other minor mod.

An Easy Squeeze

Sometimes a new product comes along that attracts little attention, but once you try it you simply can't understand why everyone isn't buzzing about it. The Planet Waves Dual Action Capo is one such product.

Sometimes a fresh approach is needed to create something truly novel. That's the approach Planet Waves took to create this unique capo. They called upon famed product designer Ned Steinberger. Together they created the patented Dual-Action Capo.

What's different about it? It includes a compound action mechanism to reduce the force required to open and close the capo. This eliminates the problem with most trigger-type capos pressure that pulls the strings out of tune. It also reduces the amount of strength needed to open and position the capo.

The mechanism is also adjustable with an easy to turn thumb-screw to allow you to adjust the opening of the capo to fit your guitar perfectly.

Aircraft-quality aluminum construction adds virtually no weight to the guitar's neck when in use and the capo can be clamped on the headstock when not needed.

With the Planet Waves Dual Action capo, you will eliminate string buzzing and enjoy repeatable, in-tune performance at every fret. Get one (shipped FREE) from Select Sounds LLC, and enjoy:

  • Incredibly easy one-handed operation made possible through patented, compound-action design.
  • Micrometer tension adjustment for setting the perfect tension for your instrument
  • Buzz-free, in-tune performance at every fret.
  • Designed to fit most 6- and 12- string guitar necks.
  • Clean Ned Steinberger design.

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Go For A Big Finish!

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