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Start Playing Guitar's 'The Bridge', Issue #003 -- Gift Ideas
November 30, 2006's 'The Bridge'

Volume 1, Issue 3: "Gift Ideas"

Notes From Steve:

I've been working on my sight reading and some three-string chord forms this month. How about you?

Don't get stuck in a rut by only playing chords, just the songs you know, or the same scales. Yes, you're making progress by playing them better and better, but you'll limit your progress by not creating the stress of learning something new. So, pick up a new book, pick up a book that's been on your shelf, find new sheet music for a favorite song, or start learning barre chords... anything to increase your knowledge and skills. You can't go outside as often in the cold weather... take advantage of being inside.

New Content

Before you practice again, take a few minutes to learn about Preventing Guitar Related Injuries to learn what puts you at risk, and simple steps to avoid them.

Then you can work on the essential skill of Palm Muting, the latest addition to our Proper Mechanics series.

You can have a lot of fun playing with one of the least expensive guitar accessories... Jump to the Guitar Picks page. You'll learn about shapes, thicknesses, color coding, and more.

Are your strings past due for a change? If so, head over to the Change Guitar Strings page. You'll find tips, video, and a few cautions.

Last, but not least: If, like me, you know you've seen a page before, but can't remember where... take a look at the new Site-Map. You'll find a link to every page on Start-Playing-Guitar.Com along with a short short description.

Work In Progress:

Coming to the web-site!

More articles for the beginner guitarist on topics such as:

  • More beginner songs...
  • More beginner lessons (next: Playing a C-Scale)...
  • More accessory overviews.

SIDEBAR: Keep up to date with all the changes by subscribing to our RSS feed (click to open a window of help and subscription instructions). It will keep you up to date with new pages and other special announcements. I will not overload you with every grammar-fix, new image, or other minor mod.

Hot Topic: Gifts For The Guitarist

Custom Picks

Dunlop will customize their picks with anything that will fit on the pick: logo, name, graphic, whatever. Custom picks are available in Gator Grip, Tortex, Delrin, Gel, polycarbonate, and more. Go to the Dunlop Picks page and scroll to the bottom.

Clayton offers custom picks in Acetel, Delrin, Ultem, Celluloid, and Colored Pearl. You provide the artwork and they'll print it on the front, back, or both.

Unusual Picks

Inexpensive and practical... what more could you ask for? Order a few of these unusual picks. Any guitarist will appreciate them, and may become a fan of the new pick style for life.

  • The F-1 is an improved grip pick that also lessons vibration from the string to the fingers.
  • Ice Pix Stix is an odd name for a pick that can stick to your guitar or your fingers. Stick one on the body of your guitar, grab it when you need it, stick it back when you don't. It won't mar the finish.
  • The EBow Electronic Bow for Guitar creates synth sounds. A small electronic field creates vibrations, allowing you to mimic horns, strings, and other 'outlandish' sounds.

Metronome With A Beat

The Boss DB30 Dr. Beat Metronome is a small, easy to use metronome that does much more that just keep a beat. Use the 'tap-tempo' pad to set the beat, then turn on one of several rhythm patterns to enrich your practice time. Best of all, you can pick one up for less than $40.

New Strings

Guitar players can always use new strings. Surprise your favorite player with a set of premium Long-Life Coated Strings from Elixir.


You'll find T-shirts, ties, pick holder, miniature guitars, belt buckles, and much more at The Music Stand.

Need More Ideas?

Use the Musician's Friend Gift Wizard to find the perfect gift, or take a look at the Stupid Deal Of The Day to find a great bargain!

Still Stumped?

Give your favorite guitarist the gift that is always just what they want, an Gift Certificate. has a very large selection of guitars and accessories in their Musical Instruments Store.

Another Big Finish

I hope you've enjoyed this issue of The Bridge. See you next month!


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