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Start Playing Guitar's 'The Bridge', Vol 3, #3 - Just A Quick Note
March 08, 2008's 'The Bridge'

Volume 3, Issue 3: Just A Quick Note

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Hands On Review of the Planet Waves Pedal Tuner

You can't drive it through a wall, but this pedal tuner is still one solid tank! It's perfect for stage, or for those who keep a setup at home and want fast tuning ready at the tap of a foot. This has quickly become my favorite tuner. Find out why in the latest Hands On Review.

What's Hot!

Each month we'll feature a product offering from Select Sounds LLC, a growing family business headquartered in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. This Christian small business guarantees fair prices, fast shipping, and satisfaction. Give them a try! To see the latest product offering, check the right hand column of any page. In the interest of full disclosure, you should know that the founder of is the owner of Select Sounds LLC.

Work In Progress:

Coming soon to the web-site!

Maybe this month's "Work In Progress" should be called "Work Still In Progress!" With the launch of Select Sounds LLC, free time is once again hard to find. But never fear, work is underway, it's just taking longer to reach the release point than in the past.

  • Guitar Scales: More on how to play major and minor scales and the patterns that work on guitar.

  • A Guitar Pro 5 Hands-on Review.

    The folks at Arobas Music finally got their Mac-act together and released a copy of GP-5 that works with the new OS-X Leopard operating system. I'm hoping to have this Hands On Review in time for next month's installment.

  • A Guitar Cable With An On/Off Switch!?!

    Planet Waves has an interesting cable available with an on/off switch built right in. The idea is to avoid all those annoying (and potentially damaging) pops, clicks, and snaps as you unplug your guitar, or plug it back in. Great theory, but how well does it work? I'll be using it on stage this month, and I'll let you know how it works out.

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Just A Quick Note

That's all for this month's update. Perhaps you're disappointed that it's so short, but look at it this way - now you have more time for all those things on your "To Do List"!

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See you next month!

Go For A Big Finish!

I hope you've enjoyed this issue of The Bridge. See you next month!


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