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Start Playing Guitar's 'The Bridge', Vol 2, #8 - The Humidipak For Guitar
September 01, 2007's 'The Bridge'

Volume 2, Issue 7: The Humidipak For Guitar

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Hands On Review of the Guitar Kickstand

Every once in a while you stumble upon a product that intrigues you. Such was the case with the Guitar Kickstand from Sound Innovations. It takes only a minute to install, won't mar the finish of your guitar, and allows you to sit your electric down anytime, anywhere.

Work In Progress:

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  • The Zoom H4 Hands On Review is in progress. I've used the H4 for recording, and (most recently) for private rehearsal in 4-track mode. It's so good, I'll probably sell my other (until now) most useful practice device.
  • A New Format & Layout! What's taken me away from updates more than anything else is work on an easier to use format for the web-site. It's taking time, but I'm sure it will be worth the effort and the wait!

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The Humidipak For Guitar

Fall is coming, and for many of us that means the ravages of low humidity goes hand in hand with this time of year.

In the past I've struggled to keep enough moisture in my home and in my guitar case. Using a sponge-based humidifier is low-cost, but wetting the sponge nearly daily, and controlling the level of humidity in the case, is, frankly, a real pain.

Not any more.

Planet Waves, in partnership with the Humidipak company, has released the Humidipak for Guitar .

The Humidipak is the worlds first humidity control system that works in two directions: it can put humidity into the surrounding air AND take extra humidity out. So, you can use it year-round and know that your instrument is bathed in 45% humidity.

The Humidipak system has been in use for several years for other products that require stable humidification, such as premium cigars. After length testing in association with Taylor Guitars and Planet Waves, your favorite acoustic guitar can receive the same tender care.

The Humidipak is sold as a kit. Each kit includes a twin-pouch for the sound hole and a single pouch for the top of your case, plus three humidipak packets. The packets are filled with a gel. The gel releases or absorbs moisture, depending on the level of humidity in the surrounding air. In most conditions it will maintain about 45% relative humidity, perfect for acoustic guitars. Once the gel-packs are used up (they start feeling stiff), replacement packs are sold in sets of three.

If you live in a high-humidity area, you can purchase High-Absorbant packs instead of the normal Humidipak replacement packs.

I've had my Humidipak for two months now. It seems to maintain the humidity level at about 40% or so, when the rest of the house is at about 35%. The packs still feel very moist, so I don't need to think about replacements yet. The company says to anticipate 2-6 months, depending on the humidity levels in your home and how well you keep your case closed. I did make one modification, I cut the colorful Humidipak label off the twin-pouch that drapes between the strings and hangs in the soundhole. I got tired of it catching on my strings as I pulled it up before playing. Snip snip - Gone!

Pick one up before seasonal dryness sneaks up on you.

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I hope you've enjoyed this issue of The Bridge. See you next month!


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