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Everlasting God


Everlasting God is another contemporary worship song from Brenton Brown that captures the majesty of the Lord of the Bible. Several artists have recorded the song, including Chris Tomlin, Lincoln Brewster, and Brenton Brown himself. Chances are, if you're part of an evangelical church today, you will eventually here this song of praise.

For a beginning guitarist, the easiest key for playing the song is probably G. If you play with others, and they decide to play in another key, simply pull out your Capo and continue playing the G version. For example, the praise band at our church wanted to play in C. So, I put the capo on the fifth fret and played with no changes. [For more on the use of a Capo, see: Tip 4 on the Easy Guitar page.]


What's It Sound Like?

If you've never heard the song, here's the Chris Tomlin version:



How to Play It?

Some beginners may hear the intro and wonder: how can I play the melodic run and strum at the same time? Because of the position of the G-chord you'll find that with a bit of practice it's very doable.

With any new song, I find it's easier to break it down into several parts, learn each part individually, then put it together. For this song, I broke it down into four parts: The Intro and Verse (which are practically the same); the pre-Chorus; the Chorus; and, the Bridge.


The Intro and Verse

In addition to the very playable melodic line, you'll also learn to palm mute when you play this song. [For more on how to palm mute using the fleshy part of your strumming hand, see the Developing Player page: Palm Muting. This song uses the first technique taught on that page.]

SIDEBAR: Opinions and manufacturer cautions vary on the wisdom of removing all guitar strings at the same time. Some say it's acceptable to remove all strings for a brief period while others caution against ever having all (or specific combinations) of your strings off. Before changing your strings check with the manufacturer of your guitar for specific recommendations and warnings.

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