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Start Playing Guitar


Are you ever too young, or too old, to start playing guitar? Which guitar should you choose? What accessories do you really need? What should you know to purchase a quality guitar while getting a fair price? I'll answer these questions, and many more!

Once you decide to embark on this new adventure, the next feeling can be a sense of uncertainty. Where to start? Can I do this? How hard will it be? What do I need to buy? How much will this cost?

I remember those feelings from the first weeks after I decided to start playing guitar. I also know you can get through these anxious moments and enjoy this wonderful instrument. I started this web-site to share what I've learned. I can help you...


SIDEBAR: I am not an elite guitarist. I resolved to start playing guitar in December of 2003 without knowing a single note or chord. After a couple months of making no progress, and feeling like I never would, I put the instrument down. Thankfully I tried again, this time taking a group lesson, in June of 2004. A short 13 months later I was actually playing rhythm guitar in our church praise band. You too can do this, and more!


Need To Buy A Guitar?

If you're looking to purchase a guitar for yourself, or someone else, start with the articles geared toward the Guitar Shopper (see the menu bar on the left side of this page).

Guitar Shopper articles will help you select between an acoustic and electric guitar as your starting point. Then, read the Acoustic Guitar Guide or the Electric Guitar Guide to narrow down your selection within these broad categories. From there, build your knowledge before you walk into a store so that you get a quality guitar at a fair price.


Looking For Accessories?

Once you start playing guitar, you will soon find yourself susceptible to GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). Plainly put, you need more stuff.

The most common accessory (and one of the first significant costs after you purchase your guitar) is an amplifier. Before you shop online or head to the local store, take a look at our guitar amplifier guide. It will prepare you to make an informed decision and find the right combination of price and performance for your situation.

Regardless of the need you have, there's probably a product to meet it. From commonplace items like tuners, guitar picks, and replacement strings, to oddities like music stand pencil holders, drum machines, and effects pedals that will modify your sound in remarkable ways, our accessories guide helps you find and select the right product.

Experience is better than research, so take a look at the hands-on reviews, they may be the best source for making your final purchase decision.


Ready to start playing guitar?

Most people want to start playing songs immediately. Unfortunately, like everything else in life, if you take a little time to understand some of the proper mechanics, you will avoid hard to break bad habits later on. I'll help by giving tips on some of the very first things you should do after purchasing your guitar. In addition, if you learn about the fretboard, other parts of the guitar and music terms, you'll find it easier to talk to your instructor and other players.

Learn the most frequently played chords first. Doing so will allow you to play numerous popular songs. Those songs will sound much better if you take a minute to tune your guitar each time you sit to practice or play.

Two of the most common methods for learning to play songs are: taking lessons, and searching for TAB (shorthand for guitar music) on the Internet. So, take a minute to review some of your lesson options, and to learn all about TAB.


Beyond The Basics: The Developing Player

You can tune up and cleanly play the most common chords. You've signed up for lessons and a few great instruction books not line your bookshelf. What now?

Start by working on your technique: learn how to palm mute, a popular technique used in many well-known songs; get tips on making chord changes silky smooth; then apply your new skills with effective practice sessions; oh, and for those down days you might need some motivation.

Follow a few simple steps to ensure a long life of use and value from your guitar by reading our article on guitar maintenance. Even if you follow all the advice, you'll eventually need to change your strings. It may seem complicated at first, but the instructions and video links on one our most popular pages will soon having you feeling right at home.

Ah. It's about time to relax and play a few easy songs. But don't stop there - pick up a few songs that stretch your abilities. Then, read the article of easy guitar tips to learn years worth of ways to simplify those tough songs.

Finally, learn to listen to your body, identify signs of problems, and prevent guitar related injuries.


Ease Into Music Theory

Talented groups of people eventually develop a language all their own, including musicians. To fit in, and learn as effectively as possibly, you need to learn the language. Things like note names, pitch and duration. The basic music theory page is the place to start. Then read about chord theory and basic scale theory. There's always more to learn, but should provide a firm foundation.

Even if you don't understand the theory behind all the notes, you'll open up new horizons by learning to read music.


Expand Your Knowledge

Sooner or later you'll want to do more than practice and play in your living room or basement. You'll want to do things like record your guitar playing, understand how amplifier tubes work, or more. Take a look at the latest FAQ and check back as the Knowledge Center grows.


Stay In Touch!

Life is busy... it's best to learn in small doses... new products come along all the time...

These are just a few reasons I offer The Bridge, the Start Playing Guitar newsletter. Subscribing is fast and easy.

If you prefer notifications as the site is updated, I also offer RSS (what's RSS?), Google, Yahoo, and MSN notifications.

Finally, if you have specific questions or comments, feel free to Contact Me.




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