What Guitar Is That?

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You've got all the enthusiasm and dreams you need to be a guitar hero... but what guitar do you need?

If you're hoping to sound like your favorite guitarist, it helps to play the same type of guitar. You don't always need to start with the same make and model, but the same type is essential.

To find out which guitar to shop for, take a look at the table below. Find a song that has guitar sound close to those you hope to reproduce... then look at the type of instrument used. I hope this helps identify the perfect first guitar for you!

SIDEBAR: I try to also list the exact model used. It may not be practical for you to go out and purchase that model (and, unless you also purchase the same amplifier and effects boxes you won't get exactly the same sound anyway)... but one can dream!

SongArtistSpecific GuitarGeneral Type
AlcoholBrad Paisley52/57 TelecasterTelecaster-style solid body electric
FreebirdLynyrd SkynyrdGibson SG (Intro); Gibson Explorer (End)Both are solid-body electric's
Jumping Jack FlashRolling Stones (Keith Richards)Fender TelecasterTelecaster-style solid body electric
Money For NothingDire StraitsGibson Les PaulSolid body electric
Purple HazeJimi HendrixFender StratocasterSolid Body Stratocaster-style Electric
When I Get Where I'm GoingBrad Paisley'59 Gretsch Country GentlemanHollow Body Electric
YesterdayThe Beatles (Paul McCartney)1964 Epiphone Texan FT-79Dreadnought acoustic

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