Microfiber Cloth For Guitar Care

These things are great! A microfiber cloth can:

  • Clean your guitar
  • Polish Your guitar
  • Remove smudges, fingerprints, other smears
  • Wipe off your strings after each use

What won't they do? They won't scratch your finish and they won't leave lint behind.

Use them instead of polishing cloths, paper towels, facial tissues, old t-shirts... anything else!

When they get dirty, simply toss them into the washing machine.

What Is It Anyway?

Nobody went out and discovered a Micro-Fiber Tree, so where did these things come from anyway?

Simply put, microfiber is a type of polyester with very thin thread.

Natural cloths are made by first binding small pieces of natural material (like cotton) into a thread. The threads are then woven into the cloth. Because the building blocks of natural cloth are thin materials of irregular lengths and strengths, they can tear and shed small fragments relatively easily (hence, lint).

But Wait, There's More...

All microfiber cloths are not made the same.

Since it's man-made, the manufacturer decides the size and strength of the filament, or thread.

Some are made to wax floors, and some are to clean eyeglasses.

Since we want to clean our guitar, choose one made for this purpose to get the best balance of softness and durability.

Microfiber Cloths For Guitar Choose one of these microfiber cloths... Made especially for guitar!

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