Chord Tools

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When I need help with chords, I use one or more of these great chord tools.

Note: These links open in a new window. - The best products, the best tools, the best web-sites do one thing and do it really well. Such is the case with If you need to look up a chord form and alternative forms; if you want to look up scales; if you want to know the name of a chord; or if you want to have chord forms automatically created for you from a TAB web page, is the right destination.

Guitar Chord Finder is another web-site for learning new chords, but with a different approach to their search and display methods. My favorite page is the Transpose page. Type in any series of chords from a song, select a new key, and your new chords are automatically generated. Don't like those? Try another key! There is also a neat Capo/Transpose Chart showing where to put your capo to quickly change the key of a song.

Really Big ASCII Chord Chart - For those of you who want to print out and carry a chord reference list with you, you'd be hard pressed to find a more exhaustive list than here. All the chords are shown as fretted-TAB (explained at the top of the page) along with the primary notes of the chord and the triad used to form the chord.

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